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Where to Get an Autostart Remote In Ottawa

If you have been thinking about getting a vehicle autostart remote, join the club.  At Ultimate Automotive, we are seeing more inquiries about our remote starters. 

This is one of the best convenience features for your car or truck.  It will remotely start your car, power windows, or open the trunk.  Why?

Better Car Maintenance

Cold temperatures means the oil and other lubricants in the engine are thicker.  Since it is then more difficult to move through the engine’s parts, the motor will not perform as well in colder weather after an initial start.  By pre-starting the engine, it gives the oil a chance to reach normal operating temperature.  This means it will be less tacky and move through the motor better.


In the winter vehicles can become crusted with ice and snow.  Using a remote start with the dials set to defrost gives you a leg up on clearing your windshield.  It takes less time and effort if the glass has been warmed from within, making it safer to drive than peering through a small circle that you were able to de-ice.  That translates to better visibility sooner.

Children and Infants

remote auto start smart ottawa Moving small children and particularly infants from a warm home or building into a cold car can be particularly hard on their little bodies.  More sensitive to extremes and frequently too young to understand the circumstances, you have children shivering in their car seats while you wait for the car to warm sufficiently.  A remote start can have the car toasty for them upon arrival.


Using a remote start means your car can be heated or cooled before you and your passengers need to enter.  This means you are more comfortable after a long day at the office or leaving a stressful meeting.

Improved Security

Many autostart systems include a security system that will provide or enhance current car alarm systems.

Tracking System

A remote start system can be equipped with a GPS system to allow you to monitor your car’s location.  This is particularly helpful with teenaged drivers who can lose track of time or become confused with directions.  It can also be an important factor for the police if something untoward happens.


Integrating your autostart into your smartphone is one of the best options.  In that way you can start your car using your touchscreen.  This means availability from your home, office, restaurant, or other stops.

As you can tell, autostart remote has a lot of practical benefits and is not just a hot craze that will fade with time.  It can be installed after market on many vehicles.  If all of this is something you are interested in just check out our auto start services.  We are one of Ottawa’s premier services that can help you with this important feature.  We are also available by phone to answer any questions or to help you understand some of the aspects of this product.  We are local and have the expertise you are seeking.


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