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trailer hitch install ottawa

How to Choose the Right Trailer Hitch

Ultimate Automotive was created from the need to get things done and get them done right. Everyday at our auto shop is a day to learn new ways to get your vehicle performance through the roof and to aid general comfort when using your vehicle.

One of such ways is with the provision of trailer hitch services in Ottawa. With the many different receiver hitch options, it is very possible to jumble them up and fumble the hitch installation. Based on weight capacity range and receiver tube size, hitches are divided into 5 categories, they are as follows: 

Class 1 Receiver

trailer hitch install ottawaIf you have a small crossover or regular passenger car, this is the hitch for you. Most class one hitches have a limited tow weight of about 2,000 lbs and have either a receiver tube opening of 1 1/4” x 1 1/4” dimensions or a fixed tongue to mount a ball mount or trailer mount directly. 

Class 2 Receiver

These hitches have receiver tube openings of the same dimensions as the Class 1 receiver with the major difference being that they are able to tow about 3500 lbs gross trailer weight. You are more likely to come across a class 2 hitch on small SUVs, full sized sedans, pickup trucks, crossovers and minivans. 

Class 3 Receiver

Different from the first two receiver hitch types, the class 3 receiver has a receiver tube opening of 2” x 2”. And this significantly increases the gross trailer weight to about 8,000 lbs. This hitch type can be installed on SUVs and full-sized pickup trucks, and unlike classes 1 and 2, can be used with a weight distribution system that takes the gross trailer weight to 12,000 lbs. 

Class 4 Receiver

This is basically a class 3 receiver with more gross trailer weight, around 10,000 lbs and can go as high as 14,000 lbs when used with a weight distribution system. These are generally mounted on SUVs and full sized pickup trucks.

Class 5 Receiver

These hitches offer as much as 20,000 lbs without the use of a weight distribution system. A weight distribution system in this case would not help much in terms of the GTW but would help keep the trailer level and tow the vehicle. 

Not all hitches fit into these five classes, with some of them having distinct features for specialized applications. 

These are bumper hitches, from the name, they are attached directly to the bumper and have its weight limited by the bumper’s weight capacity and not the vehicle. Others are front mount hitches, weight distribution hitches, specialized hitches, gooseneck hitches, pintle hitches and fifth wheel hitches. 

We not only know the many different hitch types, we know how to install them too. You can worry about your vehicle weight, maximum tow weight and other information, or just trust us to get you just what you need, no more, no less. 

Enter your vehicle information for a hitch installation quote, anywhere in Ottawa.  Contact us today!

window tint ottawa auto shop

Window Tinting 101

Window tintingwindow tinting ottawa is an effective way to maintain your privacy and keep the insides of your car secure from prying eyes. It also is an effective way to protect yourself from UV rays or to reduce sun glare and internal heat. It is done by darkening your window glass making use of a thin laminate film. You should want to ensure you get a properly done job and thankfully, that’s what we do at Ultimate Automotive. Among our many services, Ultimate Automotive provides top quality auto window tinting efficiently done by the best hands in Ottawa. Even better is the fact that our experienced professionals are constantly available all around the clock to cater to your needs and immediately address any warranty issues that might arise.

 Uses and Benefits of Window Tinting

  • Privacy and Security: Your vehicle can be a personal space. Darkened windows help to ensure that no one can carelessly peer into your vehicle and get a direct view of the people or articles inside. Not only does this help maintain your privacy, it is useful for security reasons as well. Thieves can sometimes be deterred when the contents of the vehicle are obscured from view.
  • Reduced Solar Glare and UV Radiation: UV radiation is known to be a major cause of skin cancer and a good window tint protects you from the dangerous ultraviolet radiation. With a tint, you can provide some shade to reduce the direct glare of the sun. Exposure to the sunlight can fade the interior of your car and this provides another use to a window tint which can protect and preserve your car interiors such as the upholstery.
  • Safety: A window tint also offers some help in the unfortunate event of an accident. The film being applied on the window glass sticks to the glass to reduce the amount of shattered glass or help hold fragments when the glass is shattered during a crash.
  • Reduced Solar Gain: Solar gain or interior heat can be reduced with window tinting. This helps to gradually enhance the fuel economy.
  • Aesthetic use: Getting a window tint might be a new cool thing to do to give your vehicle a fresh and sophisticated look.

How To Get Auto Window Tinting Done

Note that the benefits can only be enjoyed and risks avoided when the window tinting is applied correctly. A DIY might save cost on labor, but it costs you time which you can save with our quick and efficient installers who are available 24/7 to ensure you can get your work done on flexible hours.

Doing your window tinting yourself also doesn’t allow you enjoy the warranty benefits which Ultimate Automotive provides. Unlike most other companies, your warranty issues are immediately resolved without hassle.

In addition, there are state laws pertaining to window tinting which you must consider when getting one. Our professionals have the experience to ensure that it is not only properly but also legally done to avoid a citation. 


trailer hitch install ottawa

Getting a Hitch Installed in Ottawa

Getting a hitch helps you get a load on the road. Moving things from one place to another can be a tedious task, especially if they are large or heavy. With a hitch, you can hook up the load to your vehicle and carry it with less stress without causing damage to the vehicle. A tow bar or trailer hitch is a device, usually a rigid metal bar or frame, used to attach one thing to another. It is especially used to attach something, such as a trailer or traction machine, to the tow bar of a vehicle. You get the advantage of being able to pull extra cargo, but hitch failure is a real risk if the hitch isn’t properly installed. This is why it is important for your hitch installer to not neglect the regulations of safely mounting a hitch. Your hitch can be professionally installed at Ultimate Automotive to avoid such mishaps. We have experienced hitch installers who are continually available on flexible hours all day and night to provide the best service to you. 

Choosing the Best Hitch for Your Vehicle

trailer Hitches OttawaHitches come in different types, categorized mostly based on their weight capacity. The type that should be installed on your vehicle depends on the compatibility of standard hitches with your vehicle make and model, and the towing capacity that would fit the weight you intend to tow. This can be daunting work, especially if you are dealing with a complicated installation. It is always best to seek out an installer that is experienced and familiar with the vehicle specifications and with equipment. Ultimate Automotive offers you a quality auto shop with the best hitch installers in Ottawa guaranteed to do a great job so you get to save yourself the stress. 

Benefits of a Professional Hitch Installation

  1. With Ultimate Automotive, you get to benefit from immediate response on guarantees. Unlike popular experiences with most companies, warranty issues are addressed and resolved usually within 24 hours of complaint without unnecessary difficulties.
  2. Hitch-to-car compatibility may be an issue when looking for the right fit to suit your needs. Testing and confirming that your vehicle has the right hitch fit is an important service professional installers provide. This saves the time and effort that would have been wasted on roaming auto shop after auto shop and searching the internet for the hitch you need. With our experts at Ultimate Automotive whose experiences you can bet on, you get immediate results with top range hitches you can trust.
  3. Hitch installation is hitch-free when you get professionals on the job. A professional installer quickly and efficiently gets the installation job done, and also has the necessary knowledge and equipment to drill holes and fit the right bolts where necessary.
  4. It is also important that the hitch is tested after it has been installed. As mentioned earlier, loose or wrongly installed hitches can lead to mishaps and accidents. Our professionals review the work after the hitch installation is completed. 
roof racks in ottawa

Auto Racks in Ottawa

Do you travel a lot? Or maybe you love to go camping, hiking or canoeing throughout the Ottawa and surrounding areas? When this is the case, how do you pack your gear into your car, truck or SUV? While many people may shove this in every crevice that they can, or they try to adhere their canoe to the top of their SUV with bungee cords and hope, there is a better way. Auto roof racks are a great addition to any vehicle as it gives you the room that you need to pack up what you need when you need it, and ensure that this is safe while you are traveling. And when you are searching for Auto Racks Ottawa you are going to find that Ultimate Automotive has you covered with several options including regular auto racks or even Thule Racks in Ottawa.

Professional Roof Rack Installation vs DIY Installation

roof racks in ottawaWhen people consider a roof rack for their car, they often see many kits that offer DIY installation. They think that through doing this, you are going to get a great deal that works just as great as the professional installed roof rack. However, having that thought can be the end of this great idea! Why is this? Some of the more common mistakes that are made when you try to do this on your own include:

– Not tightening the roof rack enough resulting in this falling off and damaging your car.

– Over tightening the bolts that secure this to the auto, which will result in damage to your car.

– Not getting a properly fit roof rack which is going to result in tons of issues ranging from this damaging the auto, to losing this going down the road.

– It may simply look awful. The idea with a roof rack is to add extra storage to an auto, but you also want this to look good.

That is why when it comes to Auto Racks Ottawa you need to let the professionals handle this for you!

Tips for Driving with Roof Racks

When you have this auto rack installed by the pros at Ultimate Automotive, you can rest assure that this rack is properly secured. But, here are a few tips on driving with a roof rack attached to your vehicle.

  1. Be sure that you pay attention to your speed. Just like anything, an auto rack is going to have a recommended speed. What happens if you go over this speed? It can result in the auto racks shifting and damaging the car, no matter how secure this is to the vehicle.
  2. Watch out for overpasses and situations where you have to watch the height. Of course, the rack itself is not going to add a ton of height to your vehicle. It is when you have this loaded down with camping gear, luggage and the like that you need to pay attention to where you are going.
  3. Be sure to secure your items to the rack properly. You do not want to find yourself arriving at your destination and realizing that somewhere along the way you lost everything.

Contact our team at Ultimate Automotive for Roof Rack Installation Today.

auto shop repair ottawa

This Car Shop In Ottawa Has Everything You Need

When it comes to the car that you drive, are you happy with how it is? Chances are, there is always something that you wish it had or something that you would change. Not many people have a car that they are completely satisfied with and would not change. The good news is that you have a business in your backyard that is going to have everything that you need. What is this car shop in Ottawa who has everything you need? It is Ultimate Automotive.

Maintenance is a Done Deal

auto shop repairs ottawaMaintenance is very important when it comes to your vehicle, as this is how you are going to get years and years of use from this. Auto repair and maintenance is a huge part of what Ultimate Automotive offers. Those who go here will find that they are fair in pricing and their repairs are just what you need to keep your auto roadworthy. They deal with brake repair and replacement, batteries, engine repair, exhaust systems, general maintenance like changing spark plugs, and so much more. If you are to the point that you need maintenance, then look no further.

Improve the Looks and Functioning of your Car

One of the reasons that this car shop in Ottawa has everything you need is that they offer services that are meant to improve the looks and even improve how the car functions. What does this entail? Take a look at these services:

  1. Car window tinting! While car window tinting can change the looks of the car completely, it can also be a way to protect the interior of the car as well.
  2. 3M Paint Protection: The elements can wreak havoc on the exterior of your car. If you are not parking this inside a garage, then having paint protection will ensure that you car looks good for years to come.
  3. Car remote starters installation: Who wants to start their car on a cold winter day from the comfort of their home? This is just one of those extras that can be put into any car.
  4. Install fog lights to allow you to see even better at night!
  5. Install navigation systems into the dashboard of your car, along with back up cameras to add that extra element of safety.
  6. New wheels and tires are offered, allowing you to change up the look of your car or find something that is going to be safer during the winter months. Or maybe you want to take your car from ordinary to extraordinary with new wheels!
  7. Roof racks and tow hitches are two other elements that are offered to make your car or truck more functional for you.

Whether you need a need stereo installed, heated seats, tinted windows, auto start integration, Ultimate Automotive is the place to bring your vehicle to. You will find that they are offering services that are meant to enhance the appeal of your auto, as well as help it to last for several years to come. Contact the Ultimate Automotive car shop in Ottawa today.

auto window tint ottawa

Auto Window Tinting in Ottawa

When it comes to auto window tinting Ottawa, you have a few choices as to who can do this for you, or you could try a DIY method for this. However, if you truly want results that are going to be impressive and offer all the benefits that tint can offer, then Ultimate Automotive is the place to turn to. Why should you consider tinting your car windows? And why is a DIY tint job something you want to avoid? We take a look at all these questions!

Why Tint Your Car Windows?

auto window tint ottawaThere are several reasons that people give for wanting to tint their car windows. Many people like the fact that it changes the looks completely of the car, and that is true. However, there are several other reasons why you may want to consider window tint, even if you have never thought about this before.

  1. Did you know that when you tint the windows of a car that you are helping to protect the interior? This can actually help to keep seats from discoloring, to help keep the dashboard from suffering with sun damage and the like.
  2. Cars with tinted windows offer a level of protection that is not seen with cars that have non-tinted windows. Tinted windows make it harder to see what is in the car, which can actually help to decrease the chances the theft.
  3. It can make the interior of your car cooler, which may not be important during the winter, but in the summer, most people are thankful for it!
  4. You will also find that when the windows are tinted, you are going to see a decrease in the glare from the sun, which can help those who have trouble driving due to the glare out there.
  5. It can actually protect your later as well. Should you get into an accident that causes the windows to break, the tint often holds this together ensuring that you are not dealing with broken glass flying all over you.

The majority of people when asked why they tinted their car windows will say that they simply enjoy the look that this gives their car or truck.

Why Let the Pros Handle This

If you were to Google ‘DIY Tint’ you are going to find tons of results of how-to’s and even videos on how to do this tint job on your own. However, don’t believe everything that you hear or read. Doing your own tint is a tedious job that often results in torn tint, having to buy more tint, and ultimately when you factor in the time that it takes to do this, you would have gotten away cheaper if you were to let the pros handle this.

Plus, when you go with the pros we can advise you on the legalities of having your windows tinted, and what you can do according to the law. We can ensure that the tint looks amazing and your car looks like it just drove off the showroom floor.

Contact Ultimate Automotive in Ottawa to learn more about getting your windows tinted today.

roof racks auto shop ottawa

Why Using the Wrong Roof Rack Can Cost You Thousands!

For times when your cargo cannot fit in the car, having a roof rack can help ensure that you only need one car to everything to your destination. Since roof racks can carry so much weight and important items, it is important to find the right roof rack for your needs.

People use roof racks to move, while taking a road trip, or when traveling with large or bulky items, such as canoes and bikes. The right roof rack will keep these items safe on your car and prevent them from falling during travel. Finding the right roof track can save you thousands in replacing items, and can prevent the need to spend thousands more on a larger vehicle.

Keep Items Safe

auto roof racks in ottawa shopOne of the main concerns about getting a roof rack in Ottawa is making sure that everything will stay safe on it. Whether these items are luggage that cannot fit in the car during a long journey or bikes that need transport to the trails, everyone wants to make sure that their items are safe. Putting those items on the roof of your car requires a lot of trust in the roof rack.

Unfortunately, the wrong roof rack may not be suitable to hold the items that you put on it. This can cause those items to fall off your car. These may need to be replaced, potentially costing thousands of dollars.

Even if they only need to be fixed, that can cost a lot of money depending on the quality of the item in question. Good bikes and canoes are expensive and though it is easier to fix them rather than replace them, making sure they are fixed properly will cost a lot of money.

Dangers on the Road

The right roof rack will do more than keep your items safe, they will keep your car and other cars safe as well. There is nothing scarier than uncontrollable items on the road, even neighborhood streets. When other cars or people are hurt by these items, it can land on you to cover expenses to fix these problems.

Hospital bills can run thousands of dollars, even for minor injuries. If the injury is a result of an item that fell off of your roof rack, you expect to have to be prepared to cover a portion of the hospital bill. In some cases, you may be expected to cover the majority or the entirety of the bill.

Whether it’s a car that needs to be repaired or a hospital bill, both can cost you. This can also impact how much you pay in car insurance and can have lasting implications on your financial abilities. Keep the items secure, not just to keep your items safe but also to protect others.

Roof Racks in Ottawa

There is a variety of roof racks available in Ottawa and each one is made for a different purpose. Make sure you find the right roof rack for what you’re transporting and you’ll both protect your gear and save you thousands. Contact us today to see how we can help.


thule roof racks ottawa

Thule Rack Accessories in Ottawa

Many people in Ottawa are opting for a Thule rack system for their vehicle.  This is a convenient method to transport gear or bulky items for work or recreational activities.  The basic components of a rack system are two crossbars to span the top of the vehicle and supports to attach the crossbars.

Load bars, or crossbars, come in various lengths.  The choice depends on the type, make and model of the vehicle combined with the contents you want to transport.  Generally the bars are square or round, but also available are flat, wide bars.  These flat bars are more aerodynamic and generally quieter.

Once you have a rack installed, you can start thinking about accessories.  This will include items to carry canoes, bikes, and other gear.


roof rack thule_cargo_carrierThere are a few items you may find fun, but there are a few that you should definitely consider.

Top on your list should be locks.  They come in packs of 2, 4, 6, and 8.  A single key will fit all of them.  Locks are important to prevent theft as well as to secure the gear in place so it does not decide to fly off during travel.

Depending on the shape of your vehicle’s roof, the air flow across the crossbars can make a whistling noise.  This can become increasingly annoying over time.  If you have concerns, choose a wing shaped bar as your initial installation.  If you are already committed to a rack that is making noise, check out a faring. This attaches to the front bar and will deflect the air flow upward.  This should minimize the noise.

Tie down straps are really important.  You will need some for the exterior and if you use a box, you will need some for the interior too.  In that way you can secure the items inside the Thule rack box so they will not shift as you are driving.  Depending on the weight you are carrying up and downhill can become very interesting if your cargo starts to move.

Not exactly essential, but really nice add-ons include cargo nets and lifters.  This will make loading easier and quicker.  If it is less of a hassle you will probably want to go adventuring more often than not.


thule_kayak roof rack

Be prepared to spend a bit of money.  Perhaps you are considering economizing with another similar item.  Just be sure to compare what you are getting.  As an example, awnings made from rip-stop, UV resistant, water and mold resistant fabric will last longer.  There will be a somewhat larger upfront cost, but you won’t be replacing them every year or two.

If you are considering adding some accessories to your current Thule roof rack, or if you are in the market for an entire system, come to our site to explore what is available to you.  Then you can come in for a demonstration of the products we have available and instructions on how to take it off and put it back on.  We have specialists who are able to discuss all the details of a rack system and the tips and tricks you will need to get many years of enjoyment from their use. Contact us today.


auto shop in ottawa

Ultimate Auto Shop in Ottawa

Automotive maintenance is one of the tasks we are all faced with on a regular basis.  Sometimes it seems difficult to find an Ottawa auto shop that is competent, reliable and competitively priced.

If you haven’t already found them, Ultimate Automotive is one of the best places to take your vehicle.  Completely licensed for the Ottawa, Gatineau and Hull areas, they offer a full range of repair services for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

  • Brakes
  • Engine repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Heater and air conditioning repair

Wheels and Tires

Ultimate Automotive stocks a wide range of performance wheels, chrome, and alloy.  We also handle Plus Sizing in wheels and tires.  This is a simple way to enhance the vehicle’s performance.  These are tires that have a shorter sidewall and are wider.  This gives the tire more contact with the pavement for a more stable ride.  A nifty plus is a sporty look for your automobile.

Back Up Systems

auto shop ottawaKeeping track of what is behind you while backing out of a parking space or driveway can be extremely difficult.  Ultimate Automotive is a supplier of a number of brands like H2 Hummer Cam, HitchCam, FrameCam, RearVission and others.

Back up cameras can be mounted using Keyhole Surfact or standard swivel overhead.  We are proficient at installing many models and styles on all types of cars, trucks, and SUVs.  Monitors come in 3.5 to 7 inch widths and we also can handle replacement rearview mirrors with 5 inch screens.  Speaking of mirrors, we recommend Gentex NVS automatic dimming mirrors.  Like it sounds, this rearview mirror automatically dims headlights from those cars behind you.

Part of a good back up system includes front and real obstacle sensors.  We have installed many of these in personal and commercial vehicles.  We recommend those with voice and sound to assist in tricky parking spaces.

Fog Lights

Don’t take a chance in foggy weather.  Having fog lights that shoot a low and wide, but still effective, beam makes driving safer.  It allows the driver to have a better view of the lanes and street ahead and other drivers are better able to know you are on the road.

Heated Seats

This may seem like a luxury, but in the middle of one of our Canadian winters, you will be so very glad you chose this piece of technology.  Our installation includes the heater elements, temperature switch, plus all the necessary wiring, fuses, etc.

As you can tell, Ultimate Automotive is here to help you with all of your automotive repair and enhancement needs.  We are happy to visit with you on the telephone to discuss the repairs or improvements you would like.  We are open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  We carry products from most major manufacturers and are able to help you with any additional information you may need.  You can book an appointment online or by calling our office.

auto roof racks in ottawa shop

Where to Buy Auto Roof Racks in Ottawa

Living in and around Ottawa it seems that adventure is around every corner or down any path.  Part of enjoying the experience is having all the right gear.  Packing and transporting your equipment may take a little planning.  One very helpful element is to have a rack or box installed on your vehicle.

Where to Buy Auto Racks in Ottawa

auto roof racks ottawaYou need to begin with knowing what you will want to transport.  This can include baby prams or strollers, golf clubs, skis, bicycles, camping equipment, and more.  Once you have a good idea of what gear you will need to stow, you need to look at the dimensions of your vehicle so that you can decide what type of rack or box will work best for your needs.

  • Vehicle – You will need to know the dimensions of your vehicle’s roof and where and how the tailgate, trunk, or rear storage area opens.  You will need to be sure the rear access is unimpeded.
  • Roof Racks – It will be necessary to determine the width of the roof racks, especially if you intend to include a storage box.  There are different types of racks including a flush rail roof rack.  Depending on what you choose, the bars should be wide enough to accommodate a roof box.  The width of the racks should be greater than the width of the mounting clamps.


Another consideration is the type and weight of the items you intend to transport.  Some things have extra length like fishing gear, skis, and snowboards.  Some weigh more than others.

Start by looking in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.  If you can’t locate it, check on line.  In the specifications you will find the maximum amount of weight your vehicle can safely handle.  Then you need to determine the items you want to pack and add their total weight.  To that include the weight of the racks themselves, box, and other accessories.  As long as this total weight is under the parameters specified for your vehicle, you are fine.  If not, you may need to rethink your equipment, packing or needs.


As you pack, be sure that the load is evenly distributed by weight.  This will reduce the chance of wind load and avoid overstressing points on the roof of the vehicle.  It is also strongly suggested that you tie down the contents inside the box.  This will prevent the contents from shifting, which could cause your vehicle to slide or its handling.  Be sure to consider wind loads as well.

Always lock your box before starting the engine.  This is an issue of personal security, as well as assuring that you don’t look in the side mirrors and see your gear spread across the roadway behind you.

All of this is pretty technical.  However, we have experts at Ultimate Automotive who will be happy to help you with these issues.  We understand the details of a roof rack and can help you with whatever you need.

We stock a wide range of manufacturers and styles and are sure we can find the best product for your budget and requirements. Contact us if you’d like to see what auto roof racks in Ottawa we can offer today.





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