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remote auto start smart ottawa

The Benefits of Having a Remote Auto Starter in Ottawa

When you check with us about remote car auto starters, you will find we have a lot of information to share.  We are one of Ottawa’s premier vehicle service companies and we have seen many changes over the years.  One of the finest improvements we have noticed is the remote control car starter.

Driving a Cold Engine

remote auto start smart ottawaOn a cold winter morning you hop in the car and turn on the ignition.  Then you just pull out and drive to work.  At that point you probably notice the engine making some rather unusual and discomfiting noises.  That’s because the engine has not been on long enough for the oil to lubricate the parts.

Sitting for long periods of time especially in cold weather, the lubricant becomes viscous or thick.  Running the engine without the burden of moving the whole vehicle will allow the lubricants to relax and flow smoothly through all the motor parts.  Especially if you are driving an older model vehicle or one that has a diesel engine, it is important for the motor to be ready before you drive it.

With a remote auto start gives the engine that time it needs to operate it its best.


Of course, you can just run out and start the engine and let it idle for a while.  However, to do that you need to leave the keys in the ignition.  Many vehicles do not allow you to lock the car doors with the keys in the starter position.  So, you can sit in the cold car and wait while it warms up, or you can stand outside in the freezing weather standing guard.  Otherwise, you leave yourself vulnerable to someone just driving your car off.  Even if you are sitting inside, you are at risk of someone coming up and forcing you out of the vehicle possibly at gunpoint.  This is particularly exposed in the dark and we all know that during winter the mornings are dark for a very long time and evening comes very early.

With a remote auto start you can have the car running but you don’t leave the keys in it.  This is an added measure of security for you and your vehicle.


In Canada it doesn’t take much moisture to make your headlights and windows frost over.  Scraping peepholes is hard work and really does not give you enough visibility to drive safely, although many people will take that chance.  Headlights and brake lights that are obscured make you harder to be seen by other drivers.

The heat from a warm car will make that ice easier to remove and if you use the defroster, you make it even easier.

The Benefits of Having a Remote Auto Starter in Ottawa

As you can tell, using a remote start is not just a luxury, it is almost a necessity in Ottawa.  When you get ready to make the move just contact us. We have the expertise to recommend the best model for your needs and to install it as well.




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