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Remote Starters

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Top Benefits of Having an Auto Remote Starter

An auto remote starter is a device that lets you start and keep your vehicle’s engine running for a specific length of time.  This is a relatively recent addition to cars and trucks.  While not all vehicles come equipped with this option, they are easily installed on most types of cars and trucks.  It is operated through a fob much like the ones that remotely open and lock cars.

Primarily people choose this feature to be able to start the car especially in the winter.  That means the driver can avoid sitting in a cold car waiting for the heater to make it comfortable.  Nor does the driver have to stand outside scraping windows.  The defroster can do all the work while you stay indoors.  In the summer, it can be set so the air conditioner comes on, cooling the interior so that you or your passengers don’t need to sweat in what feels like an oven.

remote auto start smart ottawaYou may not realize that pre-starting your car is also good for the engine.  Driving without a warm-up period can be hard on a motor especially if it happens consistently.  If you have ever tried it, you will remember that strange sound and how sluggish the vehicle is.  Allowing the engine to warm up allows the oil and other lubricants to circulate.  This becomes very important if the vehicle is an older model or a truck that runs on diesel fuel.

You may think that you really don’t need an auto remote starter…you just go out for a minute or two and put the key in the ignition and then return indoors.  You may not realize what a risk this is.  Leaving the car with the keys in the ignition is an open invitation for someone to just drive away with your expensive and necessary transportation.  Even worse, it can allow someone to slip into the back seat and wait for you to return.

Some people think it is acceptable to just scrape a few peep holes in the ice or frost and then drive off expecting the windows to completely clear before they are in heavy traffic.  This is never a good plan.  Visibility is key to safe driving.

When you decide to buy a new car, modifications like adding an auto remote starter can actually increase the resale value.  It is one of the items that pay for themselves at trade in time or when selling your vehicle outright.

If all of this is sounding pretty good, you might want to contact us at Ultimate Automotive.  There are a number of styles and price ranges to choose from and our mechanics are experts at installation.  We are happy to answer any questions you might have.  Just contact us through this website or give us a call.  One of our representatives will gladly discuss your options and set up an appointment for installation.  This is not only a convenience but a necessity when you live and work in an area with weather extremes.

remote auto start smartphone ottawa

Smartphone Autostarter Services in Ottawa

If you have already invested in a remote starter or security system for your car, you may be familiar with our services.  If you are still trying to decide if an auto starter is the right choice for your vehicle, they are happy to chat with you.  In fact, they would love to talk about the advantages of using your smartphone to implement this popular feature.

Because they operate through WiFi or cellular service, you have the ability to start your car for a nice warm up during one of the Ottawa winters that are prevalent in our city.  Each app, of course, will start your car and, depending on the autostart model, the smartphone apps have a choice of features.  While they may vary, here are some of the more common options.

GPS Tracking

remote auto start smartphone ottawa For the ordinary driver, this is great.  Losing your car in a giant parking lot is not fun.  This app will help you locate your vehicle quickly and easily.  Also, if you have a concern about your car being stolen, this will provide the police all the information they need to retrieve your vehicle quickly.

For a business, it is invaluable to locate one of your delivery vehicles.  This can help you keep your customers in the loop about delivery times or unavoidable delays.  It can also be advantageous if a vehicle has a breakdown.  In other words, it will help you monitor and improve your fleet service.  Check with your insurance carrier to see if you can’t get a discount on premiums.

For parents, especially for those with new drivers, it can help monitor their location.  Teens are notorious for ignoring restrictions and this can help you verify compliance with guidelines and rules.  It can also help if your child has gotten lost in travel.  You will be able to direct them to safety or to a location where they are familiar with the route home.

Roadside Assistance

There are smartphone apps that tie into your auto start system that will give you access to roadside assistance or panic alert.  For a spouse, parent, child, friend, or yourself, this is an invaluable add on.  Situations can change, you take the wrong turn, and confusion sets in.  Both roadside assistance and panic calls can be handled quickly and efficiently with this app.  It will give peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Smartphone Autostarter Services in Ottawa

You have already decided that having a remote start system for your vehicle is a good decision.  You need to back that up by having a smartphone app.  From a trunk opener to a start in the winter to make your car warmer and run more efficiently, there are a number of very good programs to choose from to make your smartphone more effective in your daily life.  The professionals at Ultimate Automotive are experienced with these options and can help you decide which are the best combination for your lifestyle and budget.  Don’t hesitate.  Contact us today for our expertise.

remote auto start smart ottawa

The Benefits of Having a Remote Auto Starter in Ottawa

When you check with us about remote car auto starters, you will find we have a lot of information to share.  We are one of Ottawa’s premier vehicle service companies and we have seen many changes over the years.  One of the finest improvements we have noticed is the remote control car starter.

Driving a Cold Engine

remote auto start smart ottawaOn a cold winter morning you hop in the car and turn on the ignition.  Then you just pull out and drive to work.  At that point you probably notice the engine making some rather unusual and discomfiting noises.  That’s because the engine has not been on long enough for the oil to lubricate the parts.

Sitting for long periods of time especially in cold weather, the lubricant becomes viscous or thick.  Running the engine without the burden of moving the whole vehicle will allow the lubricants to relax and flow smoothly through all the motor parts.  Especially if you are driving an older model vehicle or one that has a diesel engine, it is important for the motor to be ready before you drive it.

With a remote auto start gives the engine that time it needs to operate it its best.


Of course, you can just run out and start the engine and let it idle for a while.  However, to do that you need to leave the keys in the ignition.  Many vehicles do not allow you to lock the car doors with the keys in the starter position.  So, you can sit in the cold car and wait while it warms up, or you can stand outside in the freezing weather standing guard.  Otherwise, you leave yourself vulnerable to someone just driving your car off.  Even if you are sitting inside, you are at risk of someone coming up and forcing you out of the vehicle possibly at gunpoint.  This is particularly exposed in the dark and we all know that during winter the mornings are dark for a very long time and evening comes very early.

With a remote auto start you can have the car running but you don’t leave the keys in it.  This is an added measure of security for you and your vehicle.


In Canada it doesn’t take much moisture to make your headlights and windows frost over.  Scraping peepholes is hard work and really does not give you enough visibility to drive safely, although many people will take that chance.  Headlights and brake lights that are obscured make you harder to be seen by other drivers.

The heat from a warm car will make that ice easier to remove and if you use the defroster, you make it even easier.

The Benefits of Having a Remote Auto Starter in Ottawa

As you can tell, using a remote start is not just a luxury, it is almost a necessity in Ottawa.  When you get ready to make the move just contact us. We have the expertise to recommend the best model for your needs and to install it as well.



remote auto start smart ottawa

Where to Get an Autostart Remote In Ottawa

If you have been thinking about getting a vehicle autostart remote, join the club.  At Ultimate Automotive, we are seeing more inquiries about our remote starters. 

This is one of the best convenience features for your car or truck.  It will remotely start your car, power windows, or open the trunk.  Why?

Better Car Maintenance

Cold temperatures means the oil and other lubricants in the engine are thicker.  Since it is then more difficult to move through the engine’s parts, the motor will not perform as well in colder weather after an initial start.  By pre-starting the engine, it gives the oil a chance to reach normal operating temperature.  This means it will be less tacky and move through the motor better.


In the winter vehicles can become crusted with ice and snow.  Using a remote start with the dials set to defrost gives you a leg up on clearing your windshield.  It takes less time and effort if the glass has been warmed from within, making it safer to drive than peering through a small circle that you were able to de-ice.  That translates to better visibility sooner.

Children and Infants

remote auto start smart ottawa Moving small children and particularly infants from a warm home or building into a cold car can be particularly hard on their little bodies.  More sensitive to extremes and frequently too young to understand the circumstances, you have children shivering in their car seats while you wait for the car to warm sufficiently.  A remote start can have the car toasty for them upon arrival.


Using a remote start means your car can be heated or cooled before you and your passengers need to enter.  This means you are more comfortable after a long day at the office or leaving a stressful meeting.

Improved Security

Many autostart systems include a security system that will provide or enhance current car alarm systems.

Tracking System

A remote start system can be equipped with a GPS system to allow you to monitor your car’s location.  This is particularly helpful with teenaged drivers who can lose track of time or become confused with directions.  It can also be an important factor for the police if something untoward happens.


Integrating your autostart into your smartphone is one of the best options.  In that way you can start your car using your touchscreen.  This means availability from your home, office, restaurant, or other stops.

As you can tell, autostart remote has a lot of practical benefits and is not just a hot craze that will fade with time.  It can be installed after market on many vehicles.  If all of this is something you are interested in just check out our auto start services.  We are one of Ottawa’s premier services that can help you with this important feature.  We are also available by phone to answer any questions or to help you understand some of the aspects of this product.  We are local and have the expertise you are seeking.