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Window Tint

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Window Tinting 101

Window tintingwindow tinting ottawa is an effective way to maintain your privacy and keep the insides of your car secure from prying eyes. It also is an effective way to protect yourself from UV rays or to reduce sun glare and internal heat. It is done by darkening your window glass making use of a thin laminate film. You should want to ensure you get a properly done job and thankfully, that’s what we do at Ultimate Automotive. Among our many services, Ultimate Automotive provides top quality auto window tinting efficiently done by the best hands in Ottawa. Even better is the fact that our experienced professionals are constantly available all around the clock to cater to your needs and immediately address any warranty issues that might arise.

 Uses and Benefits of Window Tinting

  • Privacy and Security: Your vehicle can be a personal space. Darkened windows help to ensure that no one can carelessly peer into your vehicle and get a direct view of the people or articles inside. Not only does this help maintain your privacy, it is useful for security reasons as well. Thieves can sometimes be deterred when the contents of the vehicle are obscured from view.
  • Reduced Solar Glare and UV Radiation: UV radiation is known to be a major cause of skin cancer and a good window tint protects you from the dangerous ultraviolet radiation. With a tint, you can provide some shade to reduce the direct glare of the sun. Exposure to the sunlight can fade the interior of your car and this provides another use to a window tint which can protect and preserve your car interiors such as the upholstery.
  • Safety: A window tint also offers some help in the unfortunate event of an accident. The film being applied on the window glass sticks to the glass to reduce the amount of shattered glass or help hold fragments when the glass is shattered during a crash.
  • Reduced Solar Gain: Solar gain or interior heat can be reduced with window tinting. This helps to gradually enhance the fuel economy.
  • Aesthetic use: Getting a window tint might be a new cool thing to do to give your vehicle a fresh and sophisticated look.

How To Get Auto Window Tinting Done

Note that the benefits can only be enjoyed and risks avoided when the window tinting is applied correctly. A DIY might save cost on labor, but it costs you time which you can save with our quick and efficient installers who are available 24/7 to ensure you can get your work done on flexible hours.

Doing your window tinting yourself also doesn’t allow you enjoy the warranty benefits which Ultimate Automotive provides. Unlike most other companies, your warranty issues are immediately resolved without hassle.

In addition, there are state laws pertaining to window tinting which you must consider when getting one. Our professionals have the experience to ensure that it is not only properly but also legally done to avoid a citation. 


auto window tint ottawa

Auto Window Tinting in Ottawa

When it comes to auto window tinting Ottawa, you have a few choices as to who can do this for you, or you could try a DIY method for this. However, if you truly want results that are going to be impressive and offer all the benefits that tint can offer, then Ultimate Automotive is the place to turn to. Why should you consider tinting your car windows? And why is a DIY tint job something you want to avoid? We take a look at all these questions!

Why Tint Your Car Windows?

auto window tint ottawaThere are several reasons that people give for wanting to tint their car windows. Many people like the fact that it changes the looks completely of the car, and that is true. However, there are several other reasons why you may want to consider window tint, even if you have never thought about this before.

  1. Did you know that when you tint the windows of a car that you are helping to protect the interior? This can actually help to keep seats from discoloring, to help keep the dashboard from suffering with sun damage and the like.
  2. Cars with tinted windows offer a level of protection that is not seen with cars that have non-tinted windows. Tinted windows make it harder to see what is in the car, which can actually help to decrease the chances the theft.
  3. It can make the interior of your car cooler, which may not be important during the winter, but in the summer, most people are thankful for it!
  4. You will also find that when the windows are tinted, you are going to see a decrease in the glare from the sun, which can help those who have trouble driving due to the glare out there.
  5. It can actually protect your later as well. Should you get into an accident that causes the windows to break, the tint often holds this together ensuring that you are not dealing with broken glass flying all over you.

The majority of people when asked why they tinted their car windows will say that they simply enjoy the look that this gives their car or truck.

Why Let the Pros Handle This

If you were to Google ‘DIY Tint’ you are going to find tons of results of how-to’s and even videos on how to do this tint job on your own. However, don’t believe everything that you hear or read. Doing your own tint is a tedious job that often results in torn tint, having to buy more tint, and ultimately when you factor in the time that it takes to do this, you would have gotten away cheaper if you were to let the pros handle this.

Plus, when you go with the pros we can advise you on the legalities of having your windows tinted, and what you can do according to the law. We can ensure that the tint looks amazing and your car looks like it just drove off the showroom floor.

Contact Ultimate Automotive in Ottawa to learn more about getting your windows tinted today.