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3M Paint Protection Ottawa

Ottawa Car Detailing and Cleaning

3M Paint Protection Film covers the front hood, bumper, fender, and headlight areas of your vehicle. This coverage provides unmatched protection against stones and road debris while not deterring from vehicle’s appearance.

  • 3M kits are computer cut.
  • This ensures smooth edges and conformity from one kit to the next.
  • Coverage extends around the edges of the body panels to provide maximum protection.
  • Once applied, the film is virtually invisible.
  • 3M kits come with a lifetime warranty against yellowing or separating.

3M Paint Protection Film is made from a durable multi-layered material originally developed for military applications. This material is extremely durable and resists cracking or yellowing. Once applied, it is permanent and designed to last the life of the vehicle.

Each 3M Kit is custom designed for your specific vehicle.