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Ultimate Automotive Ottawa Tinting

Professional Ottawa Region Automotive Window Tinting by Certified Installers. We provide auto window tinting for customers who are looking to improve the safety, appearance, and privacy of their cars. Ultimate Automotive provides window tinting services for the Ottawa/Gatineau/Hull region. Our Installers have experience with tinting windows on most makes and models. Ultimate Automotive is able to offer top quality tint installations in the Ottawa region at competitive rates.

Our SUN-GARD Tinting reduces interior fading, air conditioning costs, glare and passenger discomfort, while increasing the esthetical value and safety of your vehicle.

Reduce Interior Fading

Automotive window tints reduce interior fading of your vehicle. The sun fades dashboards and fabrics in vehicles. Our automitve window tints screen out almost all of the damaging ultra violet rays and can help reduce up to 85% of the fading of the second largest purchase you will ever make in your life.

Reduce Eye Strain

Our automotive window tint increases passenger comfort. Our automotive tint can reduce eye strain and make your vehicle more comfortable by reducing up to 95% of unwanted glare and 65% unwanted heat.

Improve the Look of Your Vehicle

Our automotive window tints make your vehicle look sharper. Over 30% of the average car is glass. Ultimate Automotive can apply a light or dark tint that can make your vehicle more esthetically appealing. Take notice to virtually all vehicle advertisements, the windows are tinted!

Make Your Vehicle’s Glass Safer

Our automotive window tints can make your vehicle safer. Automotive glass is tempered, which means if it is broken, the glass breaks into hundreds of little pieces. Tint holds these little pieces of glass together and lessens the possibility of human injury and interior damage if you are in an accident.


We Offer Home Window Tinting in the Ottawa Region. Please call for details.

  • Keep Harmful UV rays from damaging your furniture.
  • Keeps home cooler in the summer and helps to retain heat in winter
  • Saves hundreds annually in heating & cooling costs.