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best winter tires in ottawa

Top Benefits of Having Winter Tires

You may be seeing a lot of ads for winter tire specials in Ottawa.  If you are wondering if there are any benefits to investing in winter tires, here are some things to think about.

All season and summer tires become harder in temperatures that are 7 C and lower.  These harder treads do not grip the road as they should and can cause problems with steering and braking.  Tires that are rated as winter can withstand temperatures as low as -30C and still retain the flexibility necessary for good traction.

Winter Tire Benefits

Because winter tires have a tread pattern that is deeper, they are better able to hold onto the road even in ice and snow.  This deeper tread also means they can cast off any snow build up and therefore retain more tread on the surface of the street.  Braking distance can be improved by up to 30% according to tests.

Another winter woe is the chance of hydroplaning.  As the snow and ice melts due to the friction of tires, there is a coating of water left behind.  An unsuspecting driver can easily start to hydroplane or glide over the surface with standard tirbuy winter tires in ottawaes.  Winter tires use their special grooves to force the water off to the side, giving the vehicle a better grip.

If you think you are covered because you have a four-wheel or all-wheel drive system, you should realize that these do not help with braking or steering.  The tires do all the work in those areas and vehicles with winter tires have proven better.

Buying Winter Tires

Some people shy away from winter tires because of the expense.  Actually when you consider that you would probably be buying replacement summer tires anyway, you are actually not spending any significantly additional money.  If you added the cost of the rims, there would be a slight increase.  Also, when you consider the cost of an insurance deductible or medical expenses as a result of a winter accident, it makes perfect sense to buy winter tires.

At the end of the season, be sure the tires are thoroughly washed and may be stored upright or stacked.  Using airtight bags will help retain the oil in the rubber to keep them supple for the next season.  Never store them near a furnace, water heater, or other heat source.

Winter tires should be installed about the middle of November and can be safely removed any time from the middle of March to early April, depending on the forecast.  If you drive around 1,000 miles a month, a tire rated for 40,000 miles will last you eight or nine years.  Plus, you have the advantage of extending the life of your summer or all season tires as well.

Where to Buy Winter Tires in Ottawa

Winter tires are only manufactured for certain periods each year.  So, it is best to shop for them in October and November to be sure they will be in stock when you need them.  For the best deals in Ottawa, check out the special pricing available at Ultimate Automotive.  We still have a good supply of quality winter tires and can help you make the best decision.

winter tire tips ottawa

Winter Tire Tips

Winter driving takes a certain amount of skill not required during the other seasons.  Winter weather is variable and braking and turning can become out of control all too quickly.  One major advantage is if your vehicle is equipped with winter tires.  Snow tires have been shown to aid in maneuverability in winter conditions of snow, ice, sleet, and rain.

Tires for Winter Conditions

winter tires ottawa buyAll season tires are really not equipped to handle the roads when winter hits.  Studies show that with temperatures below 45F, winter tires improve handling and braking.  This is because the tires are specifically designed to hold traction in colder weather.

Sometimes people think that tires rated M+S (mud and snow) are the same as snow tires.  These tires are designed for slick conditions but are not necessarily appropriate for packed snow or on ice.  It is best to have a tire that is specifically branded for winter driving and that are constructed of the appropriate compound that works best in those conditions.

Tires rated summer and all season are manufactured from a stiff rubber compound.  This allows the tire to keep its shape on hot pavement.  Snow tires are made of hydrophilic rubber that remains softer and more pliable during winter weather.  That means the tires will produce more traction.  Snow tires also have larger grooves between the tread and the tread itself have irregular but sharp edges.  The combination of wide grooves and tread edges will move through the snow and stay in closer contact with the road by scooping the snow and slush away.  As the tire maintains velocity or speed, it throws the snow aside for better traction than all season tires.

If you are considering putting snow tires on only the front or only the back, realize that this will create a significant difference in traction for the two axles.  This will result in less steering control.  Driving with mismatched tires or using the wrong size will also give you poorer handling.

Invest in Winter Tires

As you choose to invest in snow tires, you may be wondering if it is a good idea to purchase rims as well.  In order to decide, find out what the cost is to change the tires twice a year if they are not on rims and then figure on five years, or ten changes.  If the extra cost of changing the tires is more than the purchase price of rims, then buy rims.  If not, don’t buy the rims, but plan to spend extra time at the shop when the tires are being swapped because it will take more time to remount tires off and on the rim.

There is certainly peril in winter driving no matter what type of tires you have.  If you want to find the best deal on winter tires in Ottawa, come to Ultimate Automotive.  We have a wide selection and will answer any additional questions you have.  We are experts in tires and can offer you the best price around.

winter tires installation ottawa

Get the Best Deal on Winter Tires in Ottawa

If you have driven in an Ottawa winter, you know it is important to have the best winter tires on your vehicle when you need them most.  With us, you will find the best deals on a wide range of tires that have been designed to provide a good grip in the snow and ice we experience here.

Winter Tire Traction

As you are aware, traction is one of the key elements to safe driving in winter conditions.  Compared to all weather tires, those designed specifically for winter have increased tread specifically designed for the cold temperatures and road conditions.  We offer reliable tires that find your budget.  They are made with a softer rubber that will provide the proper grip on highway and urban streets.  The larger grooves and special edges have proven beneficial in snowy and slippery conditions.

There are several specific reasons why winter tires are important for driving in Canada.  Lower temperatures means stopping can be a challenge.  Without good tread, a vehicle will simply keep going on the slippery pavement after the brakes have been applied.  Winter tires have been shown to reduce the stopping distance by 30% to 40%.  This can mean the difference between an accident and safety.

More Tread

winter tires installation ottawa Winter tires are constructed from a compound that does not harden in colder temperatures.  If ordinary rubber hardens as temps fall, they will have less grip on the road surface.  That means more sliding.  It will also increase the distance you need to leave between vehicles because you will need far more room to come to a complete and safe stop after applying the brakes.  A softer material will allow more of the tire surface to come in contact with the road.  That means more tread to provide stability and control as you drive and brake.

When originally introduced, snow tires were made with deep treads that were fine for heavy snow but now winter or cold weather tires have evolved to adjust to ice, hard packed snow, and wet pavements.  As mentioned, the rubber compounds are designed to withstand lower temperatures and still remain flexible and generally will have additives like silica or crushed walnut shells that will offer a better grip.  The tires are made with tiny grooves called sipes that move water, like from melting snow or ice, away from the front of the tire.  In that way the tire maintains constant contact with the surface of the road to prevent sliding or hydroplaning.

If you plan on venturing into Quebec, winter tires are mandatory there from December 15 and March 15.  Also, check with your insurance broker to see if you can’t get a discount for using winter tires.

Winter Tires and Installation in Ottawa

If all of this sounds great, then visit our services or call us to see what we have to offer. We offer winter tires and winter tire installation in Ottawa. We can also help to mount, balance and install them. We have Michelin, Toyo, Goodyear, BF Goodrich brands in stock and more.

Or, if you prefer, give us a call and one of our sales representatives will be happy to answer any questions you might have.  Selecting the best tires winter tires in Ottawa and getting the best deal is important to you and your family for safety and for value.