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roof racks in ottawa

Auto Racks in Ottawa

Do you travel a lot? Or maybe you love to go camping, hiking or canoeing throughout the Ottawa and surrounding areas? When this is the case, how do you pack your gear into your car, truck or SUV? While many people may shove this in every crevice that they can, or they try to adhere their canoe to the top of their SUV with bungee cords and hope, there is a better way. Auto roof racks are a great addition to any vehicle as it gives you the room that you need to pack up what you need when you need it, and ensure that this is safe while you are traveling. And when you are searching for Auto Racks Ottawa you are going to find that Ultimate Automotive has you covered with several options including regular auto racks or even Thule Racks in Ottawa.

Professional Roof Rack Installation vs DIY Installation

roof racks in ottawaWhen people consider a roof rack for their car, they often see many kits that offer DIY installation. They think that through doing this, you are going to get a great deal that works just as great as the professional installed roof rack. However, having that thought can be the end of this great idea! Why is this? Some of the more common mistakes that are made when you try to do this on your own include:

– Not tightening the roof rack enough resulting in this falling off and damaging your car.

– Over tightening the bolts that secure this to the auto, which will result in damage to your car.

– Not getting a properly fit roof rack which is going to result in tons of issues ranging from this damaging the auto, to losing this going down the road.

– It may simply look awful. The idea with a roof rack is to add extra storage to an auto, but you also want this to look good.

That is why when it comes to Auto Racks Ottawa you need to let the professionals handle this for you!

Tips for Driving with Roof Racks

When you have this auto rack installed by the pros at Ultimate Automotive, you can rest assure that this rack is properly secured. But, here are a few tips on driving with a roof rack attached to your vehicle.

  1. Be sure that you pay attention to your speed. Just like anything, an auto rack is going to have a recommended speed. What happens if you go over this speed? It can result in the auto racks shifting and damaging the car, no matter how secure this is to the vehicle.
  2. Watch out for overpasses and situations where you have to watch the height. Of course, the rack itself is not going to add a ton of height to your vehicle. It is when you have this loaded down with camping gear, luggage and the like that you need to pay attention to where you are going.
  3. Be sure to secure your items to the rack properly. You do not want to find yourself arriving at your destination and realizing that somewhere along the way you lost everything.

Contact our team at Ultimate Automotive for Roof Rack Installation Today.

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Why Using the Wrong Roof Rack Can Cost You Thousands!

For times when your cargo cannot fit in the car, having a roof rack can help ensure that you only need one car to everything to your destination. Since roof racks can carry so much weight and important items, it is important to find the right roof rack for your needs.

People use roof racks to move, while taking a road trip, or when traveling with large or bulky items, such as canoes and bikes. The right roof rack will keep these items safe on your car and prevent them from falling during travel. Finding the right roof track can save you thousands in replacing items, and can prevent the need to spend thousands more on a larger vehicle.

Keep Items Safe

auto roof racks in ottawa shopOne of the main concerns about getting a roof rack in Ottawa is making sure that everything will stay safe on it. Whether these items are luggage that cannot fit in the car during a long journey or bikes that need transport to the trails, everyone wants to make sure that their items are safe. Putting those items on the roof of your car requires a lot of trust in the roof rack.

Unfortunately, the wrong roof rack may not be suitable to hold the items that you put on it. This can cause those items to fall off your car. These may need to be replaced, potentially costing thousands of dollars.

Even if they only need to be fixed, that can cost a lot of money depending on the quality of the item in question. Good bikes and canoes are expensive and though it is easier to fix them rather than replace them, making sure they are fixed properly will cost a lot of money.

Dangers on the Road

The right roof rack will do more than keep your items safe, they will keep your car and other cars safe as well. There is nothing scarier than uncontrollable items on the road, even neighborhood streets. When other cars or people are hurt by these items, it can land on you to cover expenses to fix these problems.

Hospital bills can run thousands of dollars, even for minor injuries. If the injury is a result of an item that fell off of your roof rack, you expect to have to be prepared to cover a portion of the hospital bill. In some cases, you may be expected to cover the majority or the entirety of the bill.

Whether it’s a car that needs to be repaired or a hospital bill, both can cost you. This can also impact how much you pay in car insurance and can have lasting implications on your financial abilities. Keep the items secure, not just to keep your items safe but also to protect others.

Roof Racks in Ottawa

There is a variety of roof racks available in Ottawa and each one is made for a different purpose. Make sure you find the right roof rack for what you’re transporting and you’ll both protect your gear and save you thousands. Contact us today to see how we can help.


auto roof racks in ottawa shop

Where to Buy Auto Roof Racks in Ottawa

Living in and around Ottawa it seems that adventure is around every corner or down any path.  Part of enjoying the experience is having all the right gear.  Packing and transporting your equipment may take a little planning.  One very helpful element is to have a rack or box installed on your vehicle.

Where to Buy Auto Racks in Ottawa

auto roof racks ottawaYou need to begin with knowing what you will want to transport.  This can include baby prams or strollers, golf clubs, skis, bicycles, camping equipment, and more.  Once you have a good idea of what gear you will need to stow, you need to look at the dimensions of your vehicle so that you can decide what type of rack or box will work best for your needs.

  • Vehicle – You will need to know the dimensions of your vehicle’s roof and where and how the tailgate, trunk, or rear storage area opens.  You will need to be sure the rear access is unimpeded.
  • Roof Racks – It will be necessary to determine the width of the roof racks, especially if you intend to include a storage box.  There are different types of racks including a flush rail roof rack.  Depending on what you choose, the bars should be wide enough to accommodate a roof box.  The width of the racks should be greater than the width of the mounting clamps.


Another consideration is the type and weight of the items you intend to transport.  Some things have extra length like fishing gear, skis, and snowboards.  Some weigh more than others.

Start by looking in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.  If you can’t locate it, check on line.  In the specifications you will find the maximum amount of weight your vehicle can safely handle.  Then you need to determine the items you want to pack and add their total weight.  To that include the weight of the racks themselves, box, and other accessories.  As long as this total weight is under the parameters specified for your vehicle, you are fine.  If not, you may need to rethink your equipment, packing or needs.


As you pack, be sure that the load is evenly distributed by weight.  This will reduce the chance of wind load and avoid overstressing points on the roof of the vehicle.  It is also strongly suggested that you tie down the contents inside the box.  This will prevent the contents from shifting, which could cause your vehicle to slide or its handling.  Be sure to consider wind loads as well.

Always lock your box before starting the engine.  This is an issue of personal security, as well as assuring that you don’t look in the side mirrors and see your gear spread across the roadway behind you.

All of this is pretty technical.  However, we have experts at Ultimate Automotive who will be happy to help you with these issues.  We understand the details of a roof rack and can help you with whatever you need.

We stock a wide range of manufacturers and styles and are sure we can find the best product for your budget and requirements. Contact us if you’d like to see what auto roof racks in Ottawa we can offer today.